Terms & Conditions



The Organiser promotes and executes specialist car rallies and events.


The cost of repairs, modifications and/or enhancements is at the discretion of the Participant or Participating Team.


The Rally is a tour. We do not hold races. There is no prize for coming in first. The routes are meant to be enjoyed together by all participants. The only time this activity will be allowed is on allocated tracks or at allocated events. Any racing done on public highways will be deemed reckless and you shall be removed from the event.


Participants and Participating Teams will ensure that they’re aware of, and comply with ALL applicable laws, rules and regulations of the countries that are visited on the event.


Barnstorm Motor Events does not condone any dangerous driving. Our events are designed for all to enjoy and primarily be safe. This includes static events and meet-ups. We must operate all events in accordance with any laws applicable in any of the countries we visit. If you are found to be breaking any law, you will be removed from the event.



All Participants must be 18 years of age on the first day of the Rally.


It is the sole responsibility of individual Participants to ensure that they possess a valid passport, as well as visas if required.


All participants must hold a valid driver’s licence recognised by the countries set out in the route guidance provided.


Driver’s licenses of all persons intending to drive in a Participating Team shall be inspected prior to commencement of the Rally.


You must ensure that you have the correct insurance to cover your participation in the event. This may include international driving permits and green card insurance provided by your insurer. Proof of insurance will be taken prior to the start of any event.


The Organiser reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time if these eligibility conditions are not met.




Barnstorm Motor Events aims to be totally inclusive. All cars, any age, make or model are welcome provided the following conditions are met.


The vehicle must be road legal and have a valid MOT (or equivalent if the vehicle is not a UK registered vehicle) and Insurance to cover the duration of the Rally.


Any modifications must not compromise the safety or legality of the vehicle. It is recommended these should be declared with insurers otherwise policies may be void.


If the Organiser believes that the vehicle is illegal and/or unsafe, entry into the Rally may be refused and a refund will not be issued. 


Registration and Payment


A Participant will complete and submit a Registration Form, including the names of all members of the Participating Team, on the website when signing up.


The Participant or a member of the Participating Team, on behalf of all other members, in completing the registration process confirms that they have read, fully understand and accept these terms and conditions.


Each member of the Participating Team is jointly liable for the actions of the Team.


Upon completion of the registration process, payment of the Deposit and accepting the Terms and Conditions, a binding contract is created between the Participant or Participating Team and the Organiser.


The Organiser reserves the right to reject any Registration Form at its sole discretion.




Deposits – All deposits are non-refundable. The deposit amount is paid in full to secure your position at the event. The deposit amount will be a set percentage of the cost of the event with the final payment being made on the arranged day for the event


Final Payments – To participate in any event the fee must be paid in full and in advance of any event. There will be a clear final payment date stated for each event.


Any fees paid are non-transferable unless under exceptional circumstances. This must be pre-arranged with Barnstorm Motor Events


If you must withdraw from the event you must inform the organiser immediately.


The cost of the event is designed to cover entry to the event, any stated car transportation during the event (Eurotunnel, Ferry Crossings) the accommodation and any entry to any pre planned additional events stated in the route guidance. It is your responsibility to cover any other costs that may arise during the event. Fuel and food are not covered. Any fines and tolls are also not covered by the event.


Entry to any event is only confirmed once the fee has been made in full and confirmation sent by the organiser.


Events are not limited to one driver and one co-driver. If you wish to add more participants to your vehicle the full cost of entry to the event must be paid for each additional member of your team.

Any unregistered participation will not be tolerated. This includes any unauthorised entry to any part of any event, including but not limited to start lines, finish lines, parties, dinners, driver registrations and briefing.


The cost of each event varies and is non-transferable. Barnstorm will not change the price of any event once it is launched, however year on year Barnstorm reserves the right to increase or decrease event prices based on each individual event.




All cancellations must be submitted by the same Participant agreeing to these terms and conditions.


The date of cancellation will be recorded as the date when written/email confirmation is received by the Organiser.


All cancellations will be subject to deductions as set out in the clauses below.


Participant or Participating Team Cancellation Before the stated final payment date of event; All money paid is fully refundable less the deposit.


After the stated final payment date; No refunds possible.


In the event of unforeseen circumstances which force the Organiser to cancel the Rally, a full refund shall be made to all Participants and Participating Teams. This refund will be limited to the amount of money paid to the organiser and will not include any costs or expenses incurred elsewhere.


The Organiser will refund the relevant amount within 14 days of cancellation.




If a Participant or Participating Team is unable to participate in the Rally due to unforeseen circumstances, the place may be transferred to another person providing they meet the eligibility criteria in clause 3 above.


It may be necessary to make changes to the itinerary of the Rally due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


Barnstorm Motor Events reserve the right to cancel the event at any time. In this case all registered teams will be notified, and a full refund will be issued. We are not liable for any other costs you may incur other than payments made to Barnstorm Motor Events


Registered teams will be notified of any major changes by e-mail.




Participants and Participating Teams must ensure that they possess comprehensive car insurance for all drivers for the entire duration of the Rally and valid in all countries on the route of the Rally.


Participants and Participating Teams are required to provide evidence of this insurance at the commencement of the Rally.


The Organiser strongly recommends that Participants and Participating Teams carry registration documents of the car at all times during the Rally.


Barnstorm Motor Events recommends the purchase of personal travel insurance and European breakdown insurance.




Participating Teams acknowledge that their driving and conduct will have an impact on the reputation of the Rally, on the Organisers, and on the Participating Team itself. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify a Participant or member(s) of a Participating Team at any time without notice during a Rally, for behaviour that causes or is likely to cause danger, upset or distress to any third party or damage to property. Such disqualification will be treated as a cancellation and will be subject to a forfeiture of the Full Payment. The Organiser shall not be liable for any extra expenses incurred by the Participant or member of a Participating Team as a result of disqualification.

The Organiser will not be liable should any Participant or Participating Team be refused entry/exit or passage within any Country/State/Principality visited on route, and in particular the Organiser will not be liable for any additional expenses incurred as a result.

The Organiser will not be liable should any Participant or Participating Team be unable to complete the rally due to breakdown or for some other reason, and in particular the Organiser will not be liable for any additional expenses incurred as a result.

Many of the services during the Rally are provided by independent third-party suppliers, who provide such services on their own terms and conditions. The Organiser bears no responsibility for these terms and conditions and the Participants and Participating Teams acknowledge that they will avail of the services from independent third-party suppliers without any liability to the Organiser. Copies of such terms and conditions will be made available to the Organiser on request.

It will be the sole responsibility of the Participants and Participating Teams to ensure that decorations to cars comply with legal requirements of all countries on route of the Rally.

By participating in the Rally you consent to be photographed and to be included in any filming documenting the Rally. You hereby waive any and all rights of publicity or privacy and grant the Organiser complete permission to utilise and exploit your appearance in the rally in any and all manner and media.


You further agree that the Organiser has the sole discretion to use or refuse to use any photographs or footage in which you appear, and that if the Organiser does use such photographs or footage, it may be edited at the Organiser’s sole discretion.


You consent to the use of your name, image, voice and biographical material about you in connection with any and all footage, publicity and related promotional material, and for any and all publicity and promotional purposes.


You expressly release the Organiser from and against any and all claims which you have or may have for invasion of privacy, defamation or any other cause of action arising out of the production, distribution, broadcast or exhibition of photographs, footage or any promotional materials.


Release and Waiver of Responsibility



Risks Associated with Participation


I acknowledge and accept that participation in any (Barnstorm Motor Event) event is

potentially dangerous and that there are numerous risks associated with my participation. Such risks and dangers include, but are not limited to, traffic accidents, collisions with pedestrians, vehicles, other drivers, and/or fixed or moving objects, and the negligence of other drivers.


Further, I fully understand and accept that my participation in the Event may result in serious bodily injury and/or death to myself, or others.

 I further realise and understand that the route of the Event will require driving on public

roadways upon which the hazards of travelling are to be expected.

Further, I realise that participation in the Event will require strenuous physical exertion, as participants will be required to drive for very long periods of time over several days, including the risk of driving through inclement weather.


Assumption of the Risks


With full knowledge and understanding of the risks associated with my participation in the Event, I enter the Event voluntarily and fully accept and assume every such risk for loss, damage, or personal injury (including death).


Compliance with Terms and Conditions


I agree to comply with all the Event’s terms and conditions of entry. I acknowledge and understand that the Organiser of the Event will use reasonable efforts to ensure that all other participants abide by the terms and conditions of entry, but that it cannot guarantee that the participants will abide by these terms and conditions.


Release of Liability


In consideration for being permitted to participate in the Event, I hereby waive, release, and forever discharge, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and legal representatives, any and all rights and/or claims which I have, may have, or may hereafter accrue to me against the Organiser, its officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents and event sponsors for any and all damages, personal injuries (including death), and/or claims which may be sustained by me or my vehicle directly or indirectly arising out of my participation in the Event (including the application of emergency or medical services at the Event) even if the damages, injuries (including death), and/or claims are caused by the negligence of those persons listed above or otherwise (including out of the transportation of my vehicle by air arranged by the Organiser) save that nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as excluding or limiting the Organiser’s liability for personal injury or death arising from its negligence or the negligence of persons under its control. Further, I covenant not to sue the Organiser, its officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents and Event sponsors for any and all damages, personal injuries

(including death), and/or claims which may be sustained by me directly or indirectly arising out of my participation in the Event. This release and discharge include, but is not limited to, claims for personal injury, death, property damage, economic loss, breach of contract, lost wages, contribution indemnity,

indemnity, punitive damages, negligence, or any other legally recognisable claim arising out of my participation in the Event (including all legal costs associated with such claims).




I hereby agree to release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Organiser, its officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, Event sponsors and licensees and assigns from and against any and all claims, demands, damages, suits, liabilities or actions arising directly or indirectly out of my actions or otherwise from my participation in the Event whether made or claimed during or after the Event, including all associated costs and expenses and any amounts which the Organiser may pay as a settlement or compromise of any such claims or liabilities. I have read this waiver, fully understand its terms, and understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it. I have done so freely and without inducement, coercion, or duress. I intend this waiver to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law. I agree that, if any portion of this waiver is held to be invalid, the balance of the waiver shall continue in full force and effect. Please note that by completing the entry form and accepting these terms and conditions you are concluding a legally binding agreement with us to participate in the Event on these terms and conditions.



By joining any Barnstorm event you accept and acknowledge that:

a) you have read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions contained within this Agreement;

b) you agree and abide to the Terms and Conditions contained within this Agreement;

c) you have read, fully understand and accept the terms of the Waiver;

d) you acknowledge and accept that you have had the opportunity to take independent legal advice prior to signing this Agreement.